Brace yourselves...

…winter is here! We hope you didn't get lost wandering off the beaten track, because Game-Spotting season has finally arrived! For most provinces, winter is a dry season which means less foliage. The good news is that it brings forth an abundance of wildlife around watering holes in the vicinity of some of your favourite QVC resorts.

As the seasons change, Mother Nature paints a new canvas and we are left with novel landscapes to admire and appreciate. The Western Cape, Garden Route becomes more intensely green while the rest of South Africa turns yellow, brown and golden.

Maybe a rare snowfall and the excitement that it brings. Armed with a mug of hot chocolate and a cosy blanket, let the journey begin!


Please be cautious. There are so-called resale companies who promise consumers the world and more
in exchange for their timeshare portfolios. These companies (and / or individuals) do aggressive
marketing to persuade consumers to pay a fee to register with them. In exchange they claim they will
sell the timeshare portfolio on the owner's behalf and pay them the money plus interest.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

QVC recommends: VOASA registered resale companies.

  2016 Stock Release

As another value-adding initiative, QVC now has
a new way of releasing club stock to help
ensure that you get the holiday you want. Stock
is released monthly from here on out, so keep a
lookout – we will be in touch.

Update Your Details

Don't miss out on great offers and important updates! Please ensure that your contact
information is current. You may update your
details from the QVC login page, give us a call or
send your updated information to .

Please Remember

Annual Management Fees must be up to date
before you can make a reservation.

  Closure Notice

Please be advised that our offices will be closed
for business on the following dates:

• 15 - 16 June 2015. We will be open for
   business as usual Wednesday, 17 June.
• 10 August 2015. We will be open for business
   as usual Tuesday, 11 August.
• 24 - 25 September 2015. We will be open for
   business as usual Monday, 28 Sevptember.
• 16 December 2015. We will be open for
    business as usual Thursday, 17 December.
• 23 December 2015 - 1 January 2016. We will
   be open for business as usual Monday,
   4 January 2016.
  QVC has been ...buzzing with excitement!

The new QVC website and online booking portal is in the making and we can't wait to make it available to you. The new website will offer great features for easy navigation and will include a member Gazette to help you stay up to date with the QVC buzz.

Offering a variety of flexible holiday options and affiliate resorts made available to you, we are paving the way forward for brighter holidays.

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