When do my Club Units for next year become available?

For members making use of a debit order instruction, Club Units are released in January each year, once at least 25% of management fee has been paid or 3 (three) successful payments have been made.

Cash payers need to pay the full amount by 31 December of the preceding year and their Club Units will then we released in January.

When do you release availability for the next year?

All club availability (stock intervals registered in the Club) is released on the first working day of each month for the corresponding month of the following year, this includes December club stock. For example January 2017 stock becomes available in January 2016.

From time to time members may receive communications to remind or notify members of stock becoming available / being released, in such an event the member should contact us immediately to reserve their booking. If you are not receiving any communications from us, please ensure that your contact information is up to date.

Can I borrow/use Club Units from next year?

If you pay your management fees by debit order and wish to borrow from next year's Club Units, you will be required to settle the full outstanding balance for this year's management fees and, in addition thereto, settle at least 25% of the estimated management fee for next year.

If you pay your management fee in cash, you will be required to settle the full management fee amount for next year, before you will be able to borrow Club Units from the following year.

Why can I not get availability at Sun City?

Sun City is an RCI affiliated resort, not a Club resort. All Sun International Resorts, such as Sun City, that belong to the Sun International Group only bank their weeks with RCI 6 weeks prior to arrival date. Sun International members have preference and only stock that is still un-booked 6 weeks prior to the arrival date is banked to RCI and thus becomes available to RCI members. Neither RCI nor QVC has any control over when there will be availability. If there is no availability on the RCI system, the Club can't offer you any availability either. QVC usually gets availability between 3 and 6 weeks before the actual check in date, if private owners bank their weeks with RCI.

Why is it that I see available accommodation online, but when I call to make the booking the unit is no longer available?

QVC works on a live system. That means that while you are busy looking for a booking, someone else might be looking at that same interval and make their booking online while you are making the call to our call centre.

Why could I not get availability for December when I phoned in October of the same year?

QVC stock is released one year in advance and many of our members begin booking early to get their desired accommodation. The closer one gets to the actual check in date, the less chance there is of units still being available.