How do I go about making a booking?

You may make use of our Online Booking System, which is convenient, hassle-free and available 24/7. Alternatively, please contact our call centre on 012 492 1230 or send us an email to and kindly provide your member number together with your ID number (if you are not the main member, you would need to provide a completed Power of Attorney form together with the main members' ID number), your preferred resort or a province/area e.g. Garden Route and your preferred date that you would like to go on holiday. Please include the number of adults and children under 12 to be accommodated.

Please take note of the following:

What must I do when wanting to make a booking for next year?

Should a member wish to make a reservation in the current year, for occupation dates which fall into the following year, then the current year as well as the following years' annual fees must be paid in advance, before the booking can be made. Reservations for the following year opens yearly during September, although December availability opens on the first working day of December, for the following year. Club Stock only.

What accommodation periods am I able to book?

You are able to book any of the following intervals:

Midweeks: Monday to Friday
Weekends: Friday to Monday (some resorts work on a Saturday to Monday basis)
Full weeks: During non-peak season, most of the resorts work on a Friday to Friday or Saturday to Saturday basis. Only full weeks can be booked during Peak season.

Can I book at RCI Resorts?

Most QVC members are automatically affiliated with RCI, if you are an RCI member this means that you are permitted to make bookings at all RCI-affiliated resorts using your Club portfolio. You are able to view the resort information on the RCI website, but will need to contact QVC directly to request availability at your desired RCI Resort. You may use your RCI membership number for correspondence, it is an alpha-numeric number for example QVCL- 1234. You may book South African and African RCI Resort Stock from the QVC website, but for all International booking queries please contact RCI (International Exchange) on Tel: +27 (0) 11 258 1100 or visit