What is a Guest Certificate and how do I obtain one?

A Guest Certificate is issued when a Club Member wishes to allow another person (a non-member) to use their club portfolio. In order to obtain a Guest Certificate, the member needs to contact contact the call centre or send an email to with the following information:

1) QVC membership number
2) Reservation number
3) Completed and signed Power of Attorney form
    (can be obtained from the call centre or click here)
4) Name and surname of guest
5) Copy of Guest ID document
6) Guest email address
7) Guest telephone number

It is the guests' responsibility to confirm the reservation with the resort and to present proof of identification when checking in.

I received a Buyer's Award midweek or weekend gift certificate while attending a seminar. How can I make a booking with the voucher that I received?

If you have a One Year Gift voucher you will need to go to and follow the registration process to redeem your voucher, for further queries click "contact us and a consultant will be able to assist you shortly"