MARCH 2021

Thank you so much (again) for your kind help. Appreciate it a lot. Your assistance and efficiency, and of course your friendly way of dealing with clients, is a big plus. Feel welcome to forward this to your manager so that they are aware of the value you add to your company’s image. - Mpho Makalela
Thank you! You’re a superstar Megan! - Glenda Gearin
Thank you very much for the friendly and professional way you handled this correspondence. - Marie Louw
Your level of service to clients is outstanding. Thanks so much. - Jay Naidoo
I can confirm that you are a real star, by far the most pleasant, and competent individual I have ever dealt with. It is not only how you concluded this matter but also how willingly and how well you assisted us in getting accommodation at a place and time, that we historically really struggled with for years. Well done. - Jehan Kruger