Breaking News: several of our Club Resorts are now open for Business Travel!
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Breaking News!
Club Resorts now open for Business Travel.

As of Friday, 12 June 2020, a number of our Club Resorts
will be open for business-related stays.

And, best of all, after a busy day of business duties and virtual meetings, you don’t have to return to the hustle and bustle of city-life. Instead, you get to return to one of our stunning Club Resorts for a tranquil, holiday-like experience and the opportunity to spend time in an incredible location. Now you can enjoy a business trip that also provides you with the opportunity to be close to nature, breathe in the fresh air, enjoy a late-afternoon stroll and take-in the beautiful environment; and on your off-days, go on a self-drive sightseeing tour of the area.

So, get booking, pack your suitcase, grab your briefcase and head off for that business trip!

Our Resort Teams are standing by, in much-anticipation,
to welcome you for a lovely business-related stay!






As you know, our Club Resorts have always maintained the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene, but they have stepped it up even more!

As mentioned in our last communication to you – concerning the necessary health and safety measures, as stipulated by TBCSA in their published COVID-19 Protocols for Tourism Industry Operations – the required and recommended protocols have all been implemented at your Club Resorts. Our Club Resort teams have taken special care to make sure that everything is squeaky clean and perfectly ready for your arrival.


For specific details on health and safety measures implemented at a specific Club Resort, please contact the Resort directly.


 Three things you will need for Business Travelling:

  1. Business Permit
  2. Employer’s letter confirming the purpose of travel, and confirming that the person is travelling for business purposes
  3. A copy of the business traveller’s ID

 Please take note of the following Do’s and Don’ts:

  • QVC will only confirm the reservation once we receive the required documentation.
  • The same three documents are required for each passenger, even if travelling together.
  • Unfortunately, due to business travel restrictions, children may not accompany the business traveller to the Club Resort.
  • Communal areas, such as: Swimming Pools, Games Rooms, Mini Golf, and any other leisure facilities available at the Club Resorts, will remain closed and use of such facilities is prohibited. This excludes self-game-driving, mountain biking and hiking, which is allowed.
  • Please contact the specific Club Resort directly, to confirm whether the Restaurant and/or Kiosk is open, or not.
Important Info
  • A copy of the documents required will have to be sent to QVC when booking your business accommodation.
  • A copy of the required documentation will also have to be handed in, upon arrival at the Club Resort.
  • If the Club Resort refuses occupancy due to insufficient/invalid documentation, QVC will not be held liable for any form of compensation or refund.
  • QVC will not be held liable should the required documentation be false, or the information provided be incorrect or false.



  • Should you be travelling to a different province for your business accommodation, please be sure to have the correct, respective documentation required to cross provinces.
  • The Club Resort reserves the right to move you to a different Chalet/Accommodation Unit to ensure government regulations are adhered to.
  • Should the business traveller not be able to send the required documentation, QVC will not honour the business reservation.
  • While all possible procedures have been put in place to ensure your safety, we ask that you please adhere to Club Resort rules and regulations at all times, upon your visit.


Club Resorts Available
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We get it! You are longing for those family holidays, or quick break-aways with your significant other. We hope to be able to update you soon in regards to leisure travel, but as of now, we are delighted to be able to provide our Members with access to our Club Resorts for business travel.


For the latest updates on COVID-19, click below:


COVID-19 Lockdown Low-down

We hope to welcome you soon for your business trip!
Bon Voyage and be safe!

Yours in leisure and business travel

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