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CABIN FEVER Getting You Down?
We get it!
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While we all come to terms with COVID-19, lockdown and the ongoing uncertainty ahead, we wanted to notify you of what's happening at QVC.

The last few weeks have been tough for us all. With guests unable to visit and holiday at our Club Resorts and the economy straining; we are feeling the pinch and we know that you are too.

In saying this, we remain focused on providing the environment for the creation of everlasting holiday memories for all our Members.

We, together with our Managing Agent, VRS, are ensuring viable management solutions for your Resort holiday destinations, to ensure the health and safety of you and your families once you are able to enjoy your holidays again.

During these trying times, our goal is to safeguard your future memorable holiday experiences.

When all this is over, we want you to be able to enjoy a fabulous holiday, more than ever! You will certainly have earned it!

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing commitment to paying your fees and by doing so, protecting your family’s crucial rest and recreation time that is ahead.
The reality is that every payment you make allows us to ensure our Club Resorts stay open and that you will have a holiday destination when lockdown ends. A place where you can step out into the fresh air and take in incredible views, a place with jam-packed entertainment and activities for the kids, a place where you can go on a game drive, or treat yourself to a spa day, or tackle a hiking trail to get to that waterfall… and in the evening, a place where you can draw your loved ones close around a fire.

The reality is that every payment you make at this stage allows us to continue to contribute to Resort and Club expenses.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued payments!

Your continued support means...

When you arrive, the pools will be ready and they will be sparkling! Resort gardens will be lovingly tended. Tennis courts, jumping pillows, movie nights with popcorn, games and activities, boma braais, reptile educationals...
...serviced accommodation, sharp-and-smart teams to host you, a tasty treat and a heartfelt message to welcome you and the warmest smiles as you drive through the gates and walk into Reception!

To avoid an inevitable bottleneck, if availability demand is concentrated around an official date, we encourage you to keep booking holidays, postpone where necessary, but do secure a holiday so you can provide your family with the Cabin Fever Escape they need.

We understand the need for flexibility and we promise to make things as easy as possible!

Thinking of making a booking?
No need to hesitate, we've got this!
With the uncertainty around the timeline for lockdown ending, we understand you might hesitate about booking a holiday, however; we assure you that should you have a holiday in a period where lockdown is extended into, WE WILL MOVE YOUR HOLIDAY.
Looking for holiday availabilty and something 'special'?
Look no further!
The Resort availability for 2020 is up and our website and staff are ready to book your holiday. Psst… Your Resorts have been tugging on our sleeves because they miss you and the energy you bring to them
we may have something up those sleeves with regards to the 2021 availability too, so WATCH THIS SPACE...

‘Check-in’ virtually with us by reading our monthly communications

for clues that could bring you one step closer to

winning big with your favourite Club.

Each month a series of clues will be released; all you have to do is take note and find the answers scattered across our digital universe and you could soon be cashing in an extra bonus booking, extended holiday at a Resort of your choice, a once-off portfolio fee reduction and more!

We hope to see you all participate and get involved in the fun in coming weeks; it means so much to us.

Why wait to book a holiday, with these extraordinary price-cuts?
Book a Bonus Booking today, and enjoy a much-needed holiday after lockdown!
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