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Time flies when youre having fun

and you must’ve had one amazing year because it’s almost 2017!

The QVC Resorts are cooking up delicious Christmas lunches and dinners and have put together some scrumptious New Year treats, so that you can start your New Year on a sweet note. Which leaves the question, how are you getting into the festive mood this year?

Be sure to share your moments of sheer delight with us, we’d love to hear about it!

Wishing you a wonderful Festive Season,

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Smart Rewards

The Smart Traveller knows that paying their fees offers many benefits...

Not only can you book earlier, which may provide better availability, but you’ll also be automatically entered into the Smart Traveller lucky draw if your accounts are in good standing, as ot 31 March 2017, and have been for at least four consecutive months prior.

The draw will take place on 07 April. If you WIN, we need to get hold of you, so be sure to update your contact information by sending an email to correspondence@oaks.co.za or by dialling 012 492 1230.

We’d be happy to help you get your account in order; so be sure to chat to Member Services and while you’re at it, update your contact info. You know the lucky number… 012 492 1230.
T&Cs Apply.

QVC Buzz
At Mabalingwe, the Recreation Area is sporting a brand new stylish deck. They’re really going the extra mile to ensure that you have a warm bushveld welcome.
Secret Destination
Were so excited, but we have to hide it
the resort is located more than 2000 meters above sea level
When travelling to this destination
Know which resort this i?
QVC Buzz Featured Destination Tips for travelling on a budget Notices Contact
Tips for travelling on a budget
Budget tips for travelling
Budget tips for travelling
Budget tips for travelling
Budget tips for travelling
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African Blessings Farming is a profession of hope
The African Blessings Food Gardens - initially started by Missions Director at African Blessings, Rita Edkins - is currently the main outreach activity at the African Blessings farm. The food gardens are established and cultivated according to the Foundations for Farming Principles. The main purpose of the food gardens is food security. African Blessings teaches and provides community members with the skills to be self-sufficient in regards to growing fresh produce.

The food gardens on-site at African Blessings have expanded significantly, and the vegetables produced are used to feed the children and staff living at African Blessings, community members in need in the local villages, as well as safe houses in the community.

If you would like to donate towards the purchasing of seedlings for the food gardens please click here.

Get Involved Volunteer Donate
Be sure to check out the January QVC Newsletter to find out more about the "Foundations for Farming Principles" that are being taught to help improve the lives of community members.

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Club Notices

Please Remember that annual Management Fees must be up to date before you can make a reservation.

Closure Notice: Please note that our office will be closed from Friday, 16 December 2016 to Tuesday,
03 January 2017. We will return for business as usual on Wednesday, 04 January 2017.

Please note that for 2017, the Cancellation Fee has increased from R 550.00 to R 590.00.

Forfeiting club units
  Have any leftover or unused Club Units? Don’t miss out. You have options and you really don’t have to lose out in any way. Contact us on 012 492 1230 today to discuss your options.
Tradeunipoint DAE
  Rental Opportunities

Use your points to book a club stock week with QVC. Visit www.tradeunipoint.com, where you can register online for free. Deposit the week into the rental pool.

The rental amount (less 20%, excluding VAT) will be payable to you should the week be rented out. Please note that the renting of a week is not guaranteed.

TradeUnipoint.com offers professional assistance with a smile, for all your rental enquiries.

Contact TradeUnipoint.com
on +27 (012) 996 5120.


Get More Time to Use Your Club Units

You can "Space Bank" (deposit) your Club Units with DAE in exchange for a credit of the same value.

Your currency on DAE will remain valid for 3 years, before you would need to exchange it. Kind of like buying some extra time so that you can go on holiday at a more convenient time. Maybe even at a new and exciting destination!

DAE also offers wonderful international accommodation options, so be sure to
check them out.


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