QVC Staycation Ideas

Busy with your holiday planning for the year? Why not add a staycation to your planning?
A staycation is a vacation that you spend at home, and if you plan it correctly it can be just as good as a holiday anywhere else.


  1. Set up your space in advance.
    Make sure your home is setup for maximum relaxation. Don’t leave duties or chores for your staycation.  
  2. Turn your phone off.
    No social media, no news alerts, no emails.
    Staying at home you never really get to shut off from your normal busy life, so make sure to intentionally shut off and be on vacation.
  3. Play vacation music at home.
    Set the scene. Play music that reminds you of your favourite holiday destinations to get your mind relaxing and in the right holiday mood.
  4. Holiday drinks.
    Part of a holiday is the refreshing cocktails or fruit punches. Make up a daily pitcher with fruit punch, pieces of fruit and ice or spice it up with a little bit of vodka.


Create your own resort experience
Turn your patio or garden into a small resort oasis, setup a comfortable couch or lounge chairs, hang some fairy lights or lamps, put some holiday music on, mix you favourite holiday cocktail and relax all day long in your small oasis

Movie Night
Choose your top holiday movies and setup an in-home cinema with popcorn, fizzy drinks and even some sneaky maltesers. Got a movie projector? Why not setup your cinema outsite in the garden with picnic blankets and pillows on the lawn

Select and read a vacation book
Get that book you wanted to read for ages ready and make it part of your mission to finish that book during your staycation. Tip: keep it light and easy-reading

Go for a hike
Get some fresh air and explore the nearby parks or nature reserves. With some imagination you can be anywhere in the world…

Visit a local museum or gallery
Yes, you might have seen it before, but we bet it has been a couple of years … You might even learn a couple of new things.

Treat yourself to a spa day
Spoil yourself with a day at the spa and dedicate yourself to a day of ultimate mind and body relaxation.

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