Travelling for Tomorrow

According to an article published by BBC, by 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean, than fish!

The time for change is now. The smallest effort can make the biggest difference to our beautiful environment, and the wondrous creatures that call it their home. Together, we’re travelling for tomorrow.

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Try some of these easy fixes to start reducing your environmental impact – whether on holiday, dining out, or at home. Our resorts are doing their part in working towards more sustainable practices, now it’s your turn. Tomorrow will thank you for your kind efforts!

#1 Say NO to straws and plastic bags – having a carry bag with you will not only reduce your environmental impact, but will leave more money in your pocket. All those 50c plastic bags add up! As for straws, for most of us it’s very easy to go without one. You can also source metal straws, which can be washed after use.

#2 Take only photos and leave only footprints. You’ve probably heard this one a million times before, but can you imagine a world where every person internalises this proverb?

#3 Switch appliances off when you leave your chalet, and switch off your aircon. Let some of that beautiful bushveld or ocean air into your chalet and know that you’re doing it for the bushveld or the ocean!

#4 Braai whenever you can! This saves electricity usage from stoves, ovens and microwaves, and what better excuse to be outdoors.

#5 Drink from the tap when it’s safe to do so. More than one million tons of plastic waste comes from plastic bottles in a year.

#6 Go for a walk. Vehicles have terrible carbon dioxide omissions, so instead of cruising up to the resort kiosk, go for a leisurely walk and admire your surroundings.

#7 Look out for Fair-Trade Certification. Products with this designation have been produced in an environmentally sustainable manner. Whenever you can, try to opt for these products.

#8 Sustainable Gift Giving. Give the gift of an experience, rather than a product which can add to wastage. Contact us for a Guest Certificate if you’d like to gift a holiday experience to your loved ones this Christmas.

#9 Support local vendors. Produce travels far to reach your supermarket or trinket shop, which takes a lot of fossil fuel. Cut that travel out of the equation and purchase from the locals – at the same time, you’re supporting the local communities and shaping their tomorrow.

Travel for Tomorrow

Do you have any tips or tricks? Please share!

Together we travel for tomorrow.

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